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The Joys of Motherhoode in Spurts By Kristin Knight

Most moms don't need to be told that motherhood is hard. Perhaps if you have a nanny raising your children, you need to hear that so that the poor thing can get a raise and a break. What might be nice to hear is that all the crazy feelings one has as a mother are felt by moms around the world. Moms in China and India and Italy all get exasperated by the job. They just have different four letter words for it. How often have you run to the store while the kids were at home with dad and the open road called your name? The fleeting moment of joy at running away and leaving it all behind is typical. Ever read "Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood"? That mom ran off to a hotel for days on end for some sleep assisted by a drunken stupor. While a substance abuse problem is arguably bad for parenting, the desire to escape motherhood once submerged in it is quite standard. Surviving motherhood is possible, as evidenced by Mother's Day being such a popular card giving holiday.
"Why did I marry that man?" crosses the minds of all moms in every country at least once in their parenting lives. Most men are good fathers, or at least they try really hard. Some fathers have questionable decision making skills when ites to family and children. Add to the fact that men seem to find it easier to make plans for themselves and assume that mom will take care of the children he helped father. However, when the tables are turned, moms for some unknown reason have to ask dads to watch the children when making plans. Hence, the strong desire to hit that open road and never turn back when the opportunity arises.
Not missing one's children while on a weekend away, if a mother is so fortunate, is also a really healthy sign that the mother lode was really too much. Moms definitely need time away to be an adult and do adult-like things such as sit in a restaurant for more than 45 minutes and not pick up dropped food from under the table afterward. Not knowing where the bathroom is and not visiting it three times within the 45 minutes is also very rewarding. All mothers are encouraged to try this. It will remind them of being single.
One's children, while adorable and gorgeous and awe-inspiring, can also be annoying and disgusting. Wearing a shirt without mucus on the shoulder is something moms know little about. Poop, pee, vomit and boogers are all part of the deal mom's signed on for without really reading the fine print. Dads who encourage fart jokes could make one go back to that question of "why did I marry that man?"
In the big picture however, despite the poop, pee, boogers, and farts, (and vomit) there are those moments when a mom has the opportunity to stand back and see her family functioning well together. Dad is rough housing (riling them up ten minutes before bed) and beingical, the children are crawling on him instead of you and nobody seems to need anything at the moment. The picture-perfect Norman Rockwell family you for which you had aspired sits before you. The blissful reverie is only interrupted by the dryer buzzing.
Kristin Knight is a nationally certified teacher in the area of Early Adolescent English /Language Arts. She is currently a school counselor in a middle school and has been writing for pleasure since she was a child.
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