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Roma Italy Article

The Green Wine of Italy By Sarah Martin

Tocai is an aromatic dry white wine that is made from the grapes of the same name. It is grown in the Fuilia area of Italy and it is named after small eccentric glasses it is served in Italian taverns. The glasses are small and look like juice glasses. The grape is also sometimes known as Sauvignon Vert which translates to mean "green wine." It is also grown in Chile and France. The name is pronounced Toe-Koi.
Tocai is not to be mistaken for a Hungarian wine called Tokay. These two wines are very different and in fact the Hungarian wine maker sued the Italian wine maker to exclusively own this name and lost. There is also a Japanese saki type wine known as Tokei. Tocai is quite different and is strictly grown in Italy.
This fussy and eclectic grapevine only grows in certain types of cool climates. It is rarefied because it is vulnerable to disease, much like Pinot Noir, and it often will rot if not grown near Fruilia. This is one of these wines that suffer if the crop is too big so most growers only keep a couple of the vines on their vineyards. The harvest for Tocai grapes is small each year. This is why the wine it creates is expensive and also very much prized by wine tasters.
The wine it creates is a pale yellow and often is strongly aromatic of pears, citrus and wild flowers. The beverage also has a clean, slightly crisp finish that is very fresh and dry on the palate. It is a sharp, yet perfumed wine that is quite strong. It goes great with sushi, Japanese food, grilled clams, and shrimp. This wine is usually of a very high alcohol content - 14%. It is also of a slightly thicker consistency than most wines. This means too that it stands up well to spicy cuisines such as New Orleans, Chinese, or Thai food.
wineaccess wine/grape/TocaiTocai is drank as a fancy wine in North America but in its native Spain this is a very pedestrian beverage that is drunk regularly the same way that we drink orange juice in the morning. The locals that drink it tend to eat it with humble foods including omelets, cheese, pork, and beans. It also pairs exceptionally well with chicken, fish, and pork. It is a serviceable cooking wine as well and excellent for frying up garlic onions.
The grape is usually harvested young which means midsummer. It is drunk young which means that it is not usually aged for long or at all. It grows best in sunny locations with well drained soils and in climates that have cold nights. That is why it grows so well in the mountains in Chile.
Other names for this thick and oily dry wine include Tocai Bianco Tokay Italian, Blanc Doux, Sauvignon à Gros Grains, Sauvignon de la Corrèze, Trebbianello, Sauvignon Vert, Sauvignonasse, Malaga. His wine is often mixed with Tokay, Tokay d'Alsace, or Tokaji which is a wine that is indigenous to Hungary.
Sarah Martin is a freelance marketing writer based out of San Diego, CA. She specializes in travel, international cuisine, and fine wine varietals, such as Pinot Noir and Tocai. For a wide selection of wines, please visit wineaccess wineaccess .
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