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Shows in London By Irina Moore

The confluence of thoughts and ideas from across the world found a culmination in the city of London. In an empire where the sun never set, London not only gained a gradual strategic importance, but also found art and culture thriving and reigning in glory. The opening by Queen Elizabeth I of the Royal Exchange in 1566 marked the growth of the city in world importance, economically and culturally and placed the city in the limelight of cultural importance. It was the time when William Shakespeare wove magic with his wonderful plays. London shows became famous by the word of the mouth. People from all over the world traveled to see the display of genius minds. It was much later that London became the capital of the British Empire during the reign of Queen Victoria and emerged as one of the world's foremost political, intellectual, and cultural centers.
Cut to the present world, times have changed. A technologically advanced society has given space to the evolution of art. One thing that has not changed is the magnanimous attitude of London to welcome the creation and the creator alike, not to forget about the admirer of course. When a paean to the hallowed Syd Barrett is sung in the form of Shine On You Crazy Diamond in the Earl's Court, Wembley plays the notes of the mellifluous guitar. Co-existence, yes! That is how London has placed itself in the zenith of places where live shows are held. By shows, we not only mean gigs by famous bands or the rendition of famous plays. Some of the finest performances, be it in Ballet or Opera or Musical, have captured the imagination of thousands in London. Piccadilly and Leicester Square are household names when ites to London shows .
Attending London shows for some may be a way of socializing. For others, it may be titillating the senses. Some people even find a panacea to all problems by simply attending a show and living in the moments. Hurt Until It Laughs or In the Mood for Dancing is just the piquant that one needs to have a memorable evening. The National Theatres around London provide some of the majestic moments in watching a play. La Dolce Vita with Viva Italia or The Asian Wedding Exhibition 2008 provides an insight into the cultural depths of Asia and Italy. Finding new friends and dating significantly ranks as one of the most popular events in London. Find your match in Speed Dating, London in the Red Hedgehog or the Clockwork Bar in London.
If you are in the mood for a sumptuous dinner, you are most welcome to visit 20s - 30s Sugar Hut Dinner Party for sexy cocktails and mingling at the low lit bar followed by a delicious Thai feast or Dinner Dana: Game of Love for a night of food, wine and love. Choose between Fashion Films or the Country Living Fair for a meet out. Catch a performance of Don Giovanni or La bohème at the Royal Opera House or The Coliseum if Opera is what your soul is looking for.
We could go on rambling about the events in London, as if we are on a tour of the galaxy. London caters to the palates of the artist to the architect, the serious traveler to the fun filled adventurer. Reading about the events of London and not seeing them for real is missing a lot. Let us help you guide through the by lanes, the labyrinths, the enigma called London.
Hi, this is Irina Moore from London for events366 Events- Group/Events-in-London.aspxEvent366 We have a catalogue of events366 Events- Group/London-Shows.aspxLondon Shows and events, customized to suit your desire. Please visit to find the latest happenings in London.
Irina_Moore Irina_Moore

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