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Maps Of Italy Article

Physical Maps of Mexico, china, Canada and Italy

The Physical maps of Mexico, China, Canada and Italy showcasing the varied topographical features gives a clear understanding of the diverse geography of the countries. Ranging from mountains and plains, deserts and forests, rivers and other water bodies, the physical aspect of the countries display quite an assortment.
Mexico map acquaints you with the rugged topography of the country. Bordering US, Guatemala and Belize, Mexico is located in Middle America. Dominated by immense mountain ranges like the Sierra Madre Oriental, the Sierra Madre Occidental and the Sierra Madre del Sur, the geography of the country also showcases high plateaus, coastal plains and deserts, all of which are marked out in the Map of Mexico.
The vast country of China extends over about 9, 596, 960 sq km and houses a diverse variety of topographical characteristics including mountains like the Himalayas and Kunlun, plateaus like the Tibetan plateau, deserts and deltas. Along with these features, China Map also marks the path of the two major rivers, Yellow River and Yangtze.
Canada is located in Northern America and bordered by USA. The topography consists of plain lands with lowlands located in the southeastern and mountains in the western part. The rivers draining the country include MacKenzie and St Lawrence. However, the outstanding features on Canada Map are the lakes like the Great Lakes, the Great Slave Lake, Lake Winnipeg, etc.
The country of Italy is constituted by a peninsula originating in the European mainland and stretching into the Mediterranean as well as many islands located near the coast. The Map of Italy showcases the major geographical features like the Alps in the north and the Apennines mountains in the central region, the low coastal plains, the rivers like Po, Arno and Tiber and the world renowned volcanoes like Etna.
Providing an informative guide about the geography of the countries, the physical maps of Mexico, China, Canada and Italy serve as useful tools for users. Pointing out the distinctive features of the countries the Map of Mexico, China Map, Canada Map and Map of Italy helps you in understanding the geography of the countries.
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