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Luxury Italy Tours Article

Luxury Villas As Second Homes By Sheryl Rockwood

They say that there's no place like home, but a second luxury house in an exotic locale maye as close as it gets. From a serene villa in the beautiful St. Tropez, to the classic Italian villa in Tuscany, the lavish lifestyle you've always dreamed of is well within reach. Whether you want a condo in the hills, a cottage in the country, a cabin in the woods or a house in a premiere vacation destination, you can easily find the option that is perfect for your tastes and needs.
If you've ever considered buying a second home, then consider a luxury villa. With property available in cities all over the world, there's no reason not to enjoy this outstanding opportunity. Nothing saysfort, style, romance and class like a luxury villa.
Living the Life of Luxury
Purchasing a villa is a great way to enjoy all of the finer things in life right in thefort of your own abode. If you worry that having a second home is simply too extravagant, then think again. While once thought of as a luxury for only the rich and famous, many couples and families are now discovering how easy it is to have their own home away from home.
Just imagine owning your own villa. It will be much like living in a classical Roman fantasy, except your villa will be equipped with all the modern luxuries, which even Caesar himself could never have dreamed! From sunny beaches to snow-capped mountains, the options are virtually endless. Not only will you feel like royalty in your own villa, but you'll feel completely self-sufficient and comfortable.
If you want the true feel of an Italian villa, there are several great options for you. The rolling hills of Chianti, Florence, Siena, Lucca, San Gimignano, Arezzo, Perugia, and Todi contain some of the most beautiful Tuscan villas. Many of the high-end villas can be found in the Chianti region, which looks over Florence.
Of course, Italy is hardly the only location to choose from. Explore stunning cities such as Madrid, Dubai, Mallorca, Crete, and Cyprus for thousands of different luxuries villas. If you're looking for something outside of Europe and the Mediterranean, there are plenty of opportunities in exotic places such as India, Thailand, South Africa and South America. Looking for somewhere a little closer to home? Consider options in gorgeous American destinations such as Jackson Hole, Lake Tahoe and Aspen.
Enjoy the Beauty and Luxury of a Villa
Fortunately, the current market for villas is not as saturated as it is for condos, cabins and other properties. This makes the villa an even more desirable option for those looking for something different from the standard second home. If you enjoy lush surroundings and opulent details, consider turning your dream of having your own beautiful villa into a reality.
Today, villa ownership is an unquestionable sign of the life of luxury. Whether nestled in the peaceful countryside or perched on the side of a dazzling cliff, it doesn't get much better than the villa life. You only live once, so start exploring your options today in order to experience the luxury, elegance and adventure of villa living!
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